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Selling a Home

Preparing Yourself for the Sale

Selling your home is obviously a big decision. Of course, your reasons for selling will make a big difference in how you approach your decision. If you have decided to sell, there are usually just a few reasons. You’re buying a bigger home, buying a smaller home, relocating for a job, relocating for retirement, cashing in your equity, or just tired of home ownership. Those are the usual reasons, and of course there are more specific reasons and some not as pleasant. Timing is one of the most crucial things to consider. If you are buying another home, you need to coordinate the timing of the sale and closings to avoid having to store furniture or move twice. This is even more crucial when you are having a home built. If its job relocation, someone else might be making the timing decisions for you and the timing of the sale of your home is even more crucial. If you are selling for the other reasons, the timing is only as crucial as how soon you want to make your move. Your real estate professional can help you in making that timing work for you. You also must be prepared to think of your home as a product. A product you intend to sell. Buyers may not appreciate the same things you do. Your favorite things about your home may be the least favorite of a potential buyer and they just may tell you so. The extra care and expense you took to finish the basement may mean nothing to the buyer, even though you spent twice as much as you had to. You have to look at your house from the perspective of a buyer. How much would you pay for your house if you saw it for the first time today? How much could you replace your house for with the same, or better house down the street? You need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the realities of selling your house. Your Real Estate Professional can help bridge that gap between you and the buyer and avoid those emotional moments involved in selling a house.

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